What's Hot and What's Not in Kitchen Renovation 2017 (Part Two)

What's Hot and What's Not in Kitchen Renovation 2017

A continuation to our last post “What's Hot and What's Not in Kitchen Renovation 2017”, today we discuss the DON'TS in kitchen renovation for this 2017. Just like last time, we ask you to pay close attention if your interest is in selling your home this summer as some of these DON'TS can be a definite deal breaker. Yikes!


Tiled Countertops - Vaughan - Kitchen Renovation

A concept that was big during the 70's and 80's, and like many things retro, it's making a comeback in recent years. While less expensive than stones such as granite and its man-made counterpart quartz, it's a maintenance nightmare. Hopefully this trend will be left in the past where it belongs.


Ditch granite - Choose quartz - Vaughan kitchen renovations

While the beauty of natural granite is striking, it has its faults. Granite stone has to be sealed at installation and resealed on a regular basis. Granite can slate and stain quite easily, making it difficult to maintain. Harsh chemicals are also needed to clean granite surfaces. Granite countertops are becoming a thing of the past as homeowners' choice are no longer limited to a single option. Instead, they're going for marble, butcher block countertops or the ever popular choice of quartz.


Pot Racks

No long ago, the top trend for an open-style kitchen was installing a pot rack over islands or even ovens. But nobody wants to see all that clutter anymore. Nowadays, the trend is to neatly hide away all cooking tools and accessories from view. A good choice to go with is by placing your kitchen tools in deep roll-out drawers.


Farmhouse Sinks

The apron-front sink or also known as the farmhouse sink was once a must have when it came to kitchen renovation with homeowners. It seemed as we would never tire of the farmhouse sink design. However, you'll rarely see one of this installed in a kitchen today. If your aim is for a timeless look, stick to the practical and sleek style of stainless steel.

A poorly designed kitchen with awkwardly layouts and misplaced appliances that look better than they function – total recipe for disaster! Take our advice in avoiding this year's DON'TS in kitchen trends, as your only regret at the end will be you hadn't done it sooner to achieve your dream kitchen!