From concept to finish


We build furniture to the highest quality of those pieces that have stood the test of time as well as the quality expected by our clients. We work along side the client to bring their ideas to life, create exacting replicas, or modify a piece to meet a modern need.

Our Vision for custom made furniture and design in Vaughan


Sometimes the smallest detail can inspire a beautiful piece of furniture. Often it is only when I notice a certain grain in a slab that a piece comes to life, allowing the raw materials to dictate what the piece will become.

Design of custom made furniture in Caledon


Far before a furniture piece is created, it usually begins the old school way as a pencil to paper sketch. From these rough beginnings 3-d model drawings are created using advanced modelling software. So one can see the finished product even before a wood working tool is touched.

Materials for custom made furniture in Maple


Raw steel is worked and welded with the most advanced tools available today, allowing us to control the molten metal and produce the finest welds possible.

Craft in hand made furniture in Vaughan


A true artisan is one who is skilled in an applied art. A crafts person creates distinctive furniture pieces using a blend of traditional & modern methods.

Finishing hand made furniture in Richmond Hill


A rough slab of wood comes to life through the meticulous sanding & carving process, revealing the natural beauty of each piece; then further enhanced by the hand rubbed oil and staining process.