A guide to your next home renovation

Remodelling or even giving your home a small renovation can be quite the event. Whether it is only one room or the whole house, most projects follow the same basic steps. We hope that if you are considering to under go a remodel, this outline will help you to be well prepared for one.

Budget your home renovation


Many homeowners spend more time than they expected to do so during a home renovation from unexpected problems. Sometimes they suddenly change their minds on what they want or need due to poor planning, and at times it can be home issues that can't be helped; such a busted pipe or an unstable structure. One thing that should never be left to last minute planning should be a good emergency budget and set a fair amount aside in case any accidents may arise during your home renovation.

Decide if you want to hire a designer for your next home remodel


You will need to decide for your home renovation's design is if you want to work with an architect, builder-designer or other professional that can take your vision and transfer it onto paper. Or if you are not sure what type of design and your budget allows room for it, hire a designer to take the on the task of coming up with an amazing design for you to love and enjoy. But if you already got a design on mind and know exactly what you want, you just got to select the right contractor for the job of remodeling your home.

Ask for referals and reviews when selecting a home renovation contractor


Now that you got a budget set and know what design you want to go for your home, you need to find the right contractor to trust your home and remodel with. Because you can't let just anybody bust your walls, here we have a few pointers and simple steps to be able to find the perfect contractor so you don't loose any sleep at night wondering if you made the right choice.


Word of mouth can be a great start! Asking friends, relatives or even neighbors that have gone through a home remodel can recommend their own contractor if they had a good experience with them. Ask if they had a smooth experience, how did they handle if any issues came up during the process, would they use them for a future project?

Interview candidates and look at the contractor's credentials before hirering


Once you have narrowed your list down to no more than 3-4 contractors to keep it from getting too complicated, make some interviews to choose just the right one. Make phone calls, exchange e-mails between each other, or even meet up if you can. Make sure to ask as many questions you can to make sure they they are the right person to hire.


Even if they come as a recommendation down from family, make sure to look at all their credentials. You can never be too safe when it come to the home you and our family live in. Look their site up, take a look at the credentials they hold, find out whether they got all required licenses for them to work in your particular province and are qualified to do a particular job such as electrical wiring.

How to Choose the Right Contractor
En-suite bathroom - Basement finishing - Vaughan


Once you have found and hired the contractor that will do your remodel, you will need to meet up with them to do a review of the design plan for your project and might even give you some suggestions that may end up improving the flow of your home or even save you money. Make sure that you review the detailed information and completion dates before you sign the contract with the renovation company.

At this stage, you will be selecting and deciding upon what materials and products you will be using for the renovation. Some fixtures and appliances might require a longer waiting time to arrive, so it is best to wait until all materials all available before starting. Also, allow time for the contractor to apply for all building permits if needed, gather his or her construction team up, and come up with a detailed construction schedule

Arrange a final meeting with your contractor to make sure everything is as expected


Arrange for a final pre-construction meeting with your contractor, the construction team and yourself to go over and make sure there are no untied ends to the project's plans. If for any reason anything changes from the original plan at this point, make sure to take plenty of notes and send follow-up memos regarding them. It's important to set ground rules between the contractor, the team and you, as well as to figure a good communication plan.

Before construction begins, it is recommended to remove any and all personal belonging from the area that will be worked on


Before construction begins, it is recommended to remove any and all personal belonging from the area were the work will be done. If you will remain in your home during the construction process you should set up a separate room to conduct normal daily life. For example; if you are remodeling your kitchen, set a mini kitchen in another part of the house as not to inconvenience your family's routine.

PRO TIP: Place a notebook in a location that will be prominent to all construction crew to be able to review it each day and look for comments as of how the project is coming along.

Visit your home during renovation to make sure everything is going according to plan


This is where it gets exciting! Your home will be visited by the wrecking crew and demolition will start. Plastic sheets will be covering and sealing the area of work from the rest of your home. Make constant checks to make sure it is as airtight as possible as dust and debris can end up in your living space if not properly sealed up, this could be damaging to the health of those living at home.

The construction crew will prepare all foundations such as; install windows and wall frames, floors, and roof. The insulation between the studs and rafters will be applied as well. Once that is done, the installation of wall and ceiling surfaces will be next in line; cabinets, counters, and hooking the appliances and light fixtures. To finalize, the top layers of the floor will be installed along side any plumbing and electrical systems.

Visit your home during renovation to make sure everything is going according to plan.

Now all you got left to do is enjoy and love your newly renovated and remodeled home!


Now that the project has been finalized, it is time to take a tour of the remodeled space with your contractor. Check off all of the details from your list while on your preliminary walk-through and keep a detailed list if you spot that any mistakes has been made and need to be corrected or anything is unfinished. Make sure to discuss and go over the instructions on how to use any equipment you may not be familiar with, as well as the warranty for them in case they break down in the future. Take a good look and check that all systems are working properly and watch out for any drywall cracks or nail pops. Just remember that you might need to give the newly renovated space a few months to set in.

Now all you got left to do is enjoy and love your newly renovated and remodeled home!


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