How to Choose the Right Contractor - Home Renovation in Vaughan

How to choose the right contractor - Home renovation Vaughan

Choosing the right contractor to entrust your home renovation in Vaughan can mean the difference between restless nights and the confidence that your home is in good hands. If you aren't sure on how to find the right fit for you, this guide is for you.


Get recommendations from friends and family when choosing a contractor.

Asking family, friends, and even neighbours or coworkers that have had home remodels for referrals is the best way to find competent and qualified professionals to take on your project. Ask as many questions as you can and be as informed as you can be. Ask whether their contractor made it a positive experience, how did they handle problems if they arose and if they would hire them again for future home renovations.


Check the contractor's credentials before hiring a home renovation contractor in Vaughan

Do research on your candidates, whether it be by calling them over the phone or simply going through their website. Make sure they hold all the right and required licenses from the province and local municipalities. Having a contractor that has invested time and passed course work is always a plus and shows determination to be the best in their field. However, not all certifications are equal and it's best to do some research on what kind of credentials should a contractor hold to consider reliable.


Conduct interviews before hiring a contractor to renovate your house

Narrow down the list of candidates by setting up meetings with them. Try to keep your options to no more than 3-4 contractors to choose from as beyond that point it may become too confusing. Don't be the only one to ask questions. The way a contractor answers to your questions and curiosities is very important, communications is pivotal and it should go both ways.


Check the satisfaction rate of clients when hiring a contractor to renovate your home

Living in a times where technology and internet is vital to a business' success, you can always find reviews and jobs from former clients on a business' Google+ page or even on their own website. If possible, contact some of their former or even current clients. Ask questions such as; how did they execute their home remodels, did they stay within the client's budget? Did they finish their work on time? How satisfied were they with the final result?

Hiring a contractor in the Vaughan area means buying a service, not a product. In the end, quality of service will be the indicator for the quality of the finished job.


Review your contractor's contract for any hidden costs before signing in Vaughan

After narrowing your options and selecting the contractor that is just right for you, take your time and give a careful look at all the documents they prepared. The more detailed the better. Make sure that the contract doesn't have any hidden costs and or clauses in it. Make sure it includes some of the following:

  • Bid prices and payment schedule
  • Specifics about the scope of the project
  • Site plans
  • Schedule for construction tasks
  • Change-order clauses
  • Warranty
  • Written procedural lists
  • Dispute resolution clause

If everything checks out, you can confidently sign on the dotted lime. Hopefully this short guide helps you in the search for the right contractor for all your future home remodels and renovations in Vaughan and surrounding areas.