6 Essentials to Transform Your Rustic Kitchen

How to Design a Foodie's Dream Kitchen

There's a certain aura that only a rustic kitchen can give off. The decoration and remodel ideas are endless when it comes to creating the warmth and charm of this style in your own home, from aged wood as panels or beams, farm sinks, hand-painted cabinetry to stone and terracotta floors. The classic style will bring the tranquility of the woods into any busy city home while remaining stylish and elegant in both small and large environments. We have gathered just a few of the many ways you can transform your home with this style during your next remodel.


Wooden beams in the kitchen.

The dreamy look of exposed wooden beams will give any kitchen space a spark of character. Beams suit any style of décor; farmhouse, rustic, modern, minimalist, glam, you name it. Vertical beams can be helpful if you wish to divide zones by separating cooking and eating spaces.


Open Shelving

The unique appeal of this open shelves comes from the rustic feel of the wood's raw finishing. You can place everything from your best china to copper pots and vases to create a stylish and casual kitchen. In case you prefer rustic shelving that veers more towards modernity, using slabs of wood and converting them into floating shelves can give your kitchen a contemporary appeal.


Natural stone tiles for a rustic look.

There's just nothing that can compare to the cottage feel good ol' natural stone gives with its jewel tones to a rustic-style kitchen. Natural stone is a beautiful feature for anyone to add to their home. Stone refines itself as it ages and can last a lifetime while increasing your home's selling point, an authentic stone floor is durable and easy to clean, practical yet highly stylish. Maybe your style is less country maybe you have a flair for the Spanish if so, you'll fall in love with the one color continuity that terracotta offers. Whichever way you may go, natural stone tiles will add the unique touch you have been looking for your kitchen.


Farmhouse sink

Also known as apron-front skins, are a favorite amongst many homeowners. Having the right amount of cooking space is a vital aspect of any kitchen, no matter the style and farmhouse sinks step up their game when it comes to its design. The classic design of a farmhouse sink features a deep, wide basin well-capable of catering to the cooking and cleaning needs of a large family meal. The classic design offers a balance between style and function while creating a striking focal point for their kitchen design.


Mixed kitchen design modern and rustic tones.

This breathtaking log cabin presents a gorgeous kitchen design that boasts both modern and rustic tones by incorporating steel for the kitchen's utilities and granite for its replaimed wood isle and countertops to create the beautiful mix it exhibits in a sophisticated and stylish manner.


Mediterranean tones for the rustic kitchen look.

You can draw inspiration from the Mediterranean for your kitchen's color palette whether it be from land or sea with a vast variety of earthy-tones such as Spanish terracotta, Italian olive green, and rich yellows. The colors inspired by the Mediterranean Sea include beautiful balmy-tones that imitate the sky like deep blues, turquoise, or dusky lavender.

While the list of 'ingredients' to create the perfect rustic kitchen is endless, these are the essentials into bringing out the cozy, warm charm that homeowners are looking for when planning their own rustic or country-style kitchen.