How to Design a Foodie's Dream Kitchen

How to Design a Foodie's Dream Kitchen

When you're a foodie and love to cook, your kitchen and cooking space isn't just a kitchen it's what a studio is to an artist, it's a place where you create art, a masterpiece for your taste buds. While not all dream of a kitchen that looks like the set for Top Chef, functionality is a must, and today's list is all about making your passion come a bit easier.


Food preparation area.

Materials chosen should suit your cooking style and needs. Quartz has a popularity rate of 84% over its counterpart Granite for advantages such as being impervious to acidic foods and from developing stains without needing to be sealed thanks to its non-porous nature, sustainability against scratches and chipping—and generally considered a greener choice for being created from waste stone. Leverage all prepping space by getting custom-made countertops and isles that are at the proper level and height to yours. Nothing worse than back-breaking aches from hunching over a counter all day at the kitchen.


Butcher's blocks are a great way to add that extra prepping space

You can use a butcher's block to prep a specific type of ingredients that you wouldn't want to go into contact with other surfaces such as onions, garlic, and meats. Whether as free-standing or incorporated as an under-mount to your kitchen isle, butcher’s blocks are a great way to add that extra prepping space you're looking for, not to forget versatile as well. Butcher’s blocks can also add a chic and modern yet very masculine tone to a kitchen's design.


Stone Slab Backsplash.

If you favor a seamless design that leaves no space for grout buildup, this modern and elegant design is the right choice for you. Slabs used for backsplashes are made from the same stone that is used to make countertops and isles. While it's one of the more high-end options, it comes with the perks of being incredibly sturdy and praised for its cleanliness.


Double Ovens

While innovative, the double oven has had a slow-built trajectory towards the popularity it holds today. While innovative, the double oven has had a slow-built trajectory towards the popularity it holds today. The alluring charm of the double oven is in its versatility that allows you to cook two dishes at their own separate temperatures at the same time. Nothing better than finishing dinner up while having dessert waiting in the oven ready to eat.

LG, Maytag, and Frigidaire are some of the standout electric brands and LG, KitchenAid, and GE for gas models.


Made with fresh herbs.

The role of spices play a pivotal role in cooking, making a mouth-watering steak is also in what you prepare your meat with, and there's nothing better than fresh spices and ingredients. Indoor and in-kitchen herb gardens are increasing in popularity over the past few years. Bringing the outdoors feels natural as today's kitchens coexist and are open to different living spaces of the home. Read our previous post "A Guide to The Essentials of an Indoor Herb Garden." to learn more about indoor herb gardens.


Refrigerated Drawers.

Talking about keeping it fresh and cool (pun intended), these refrigerate drawers are a must-have extension to your kitchen storage. As you can see in the image above, they can stealthily disguise themselves as everyday cabinetry as to not stand out in an over-the-top manner. They're perfect for storing beverages such as juices, or you could keep extra meats and veggies near the prepping area if installed under-mount to your countertops or isle.

Passion and thorough attention to detail is what separates a foodie to a casual cook. Your heart beats with enthusiasm as you set foot in the art studio your kitchen is. These are just only a few tips on how to get that foodie heart of yours pumping with joy and get started on your next masterpiece on a plate. Bon appetit!