6 Unique Kitchens to Inspire Your Next Remodel

Unique ideas to inspire your next remodel

You are ready to freshen up your home and give your kitchen a well-deserved remodel and redesign but don't know where to start. From the simple and subtle to the absolutely marvellous, our list of fabulous kitchen ideas is sure to inspire your next home renovation.


Glass tiles are a great choise for backsplashes

The minimalistic palette of black and white takes it to the next level. Black and white kitchens are impossible to ignore as they are bold and adaptable to any style. The combination of black and white perfectly matches with the grey tones of quartz and granite and dark-toned wooden cabinetry, and black and white tile floors add character to solid white kitchens.


Greenery in the kitchen creates a feeling of freshness

Green means go, and we are giving you the green light for your next kitchen renovation project. With so many lovely shades to pick from, this color will invite life and warmth into the cooking area. Green tones make the perfect fit and contrast against white, grey, and wooden shelvings, giving the room a subtle rustic look and woodland feel. Painting your walls or creating backsplashes aren't the only way to implement green, introducing greenery into your kitchen with small plantlife will do the trick.


Warm tones bring southwestern charm with a spanics flare to your kitchen.

Known for their inviting, warm tones, detailed architectural designs, and old Southwestern charm, a Spanish-styled kitchen is what you are looking for if you have a flair for the exotic. Elements of a Spanish-styled kitchen are; terracotta tile floors and ornaments, dark wooden cabinetry, cabinetry with hand-painted ornaments, bronze and copper kitchenware and knick-knacks.


Essential to a home the kitchen is supposed to be spacious, and well-appointed. But for those who need to downsize to smaller homes, or for the ones who are into the micro-home trend, keeping style and organization stays on top of the list when given a much-reduced space. With limited space such as this square-shaped kitchen, higher cabinetry and lots of white has been used to give the illusion of a much taller, and rather ample space.

Small spaced kitchen with tall cabinets for added space


A farmouse kitchen brings a taste of countryside with a rustic feeling.

With no harsh-set rules for the style, this kitchen presents a balance between both modern and rustic. Featuring; reclaimed wooden for its floors and cabinetry and farmhouse sink for that rustic feel and stainless steel kitchenware and quartz used in the aisle and countertops for a modern spin. All these components give this kitchen an approachable and cozy vibe.

Whether it's a flair for the exotic, a bit of a south-western Spanish taste, or perhaps a tranquil and rustic feel of the woodlands in the city you can't go wrong when it comes to this list's suggested styles as they offer the spark you are looking for to make your kitchen glow.