Bathroom Trends for 2018

Bathroom trends for 2018

Today, the bathroom isn't just a room more in your home where you look after your personal hygiene but a place of relaxation and rejuvenation after a long day at the office or endless hours of study. One needs space, and even a small bathroom expansion and rejuvenation of its own can go a long way when it comes to comfort and the looking after oneself. Taking walls down isn't the only option when getting a bigger bathroom, illusions can also be created to fool the eye and perception by using larger floor tiles, for example. Whether you expand or give your old space a facelift, today we have compiled the latest design trends this 2018 has to offer to make your bathroom your personal haven.


Built-in makeup station vanities

Springtime is when most brands roll all their new designs out, it's also the time of the year that trends solidify themselves. This is the best time of the year to see what’s going to be popular and should consider for future remodels or renovations you might have in mind. Bathroom vanities with built-in makeup stations is a trend that has caught on fire these past few years. While the trend has been around for quite some time now, it has gained significant interest and use these past years.

Typically, vanities have consisted of cabinets, the countertop, and hardware, not to forget about mirrors and lighting although secondary. In recent years, vanities have become more intricate in design and become more than a hand-washing station in the bathroom. Most women would gape mouth open at a makeup station within their bathroom vanity. A little space dedicated to them only.


Floor heating system

Who hasn't bought a pair of slippers just to escape the cold hard floor of their bathroom? With heated underfloor tiles, slippers are a thing of the past. You won't dread stepping down your bed during chilly days, or fuzz over where you left your slippers at. Underfloor heating can be used on flooring options such as: tile, concrete, vinyl, and wood just to name a few.

Electric appliances used to be the biggest no-no for bathrooms as they were thought to be a hazard. Now, technology is everywhere, smart appliances are all over the modern home, including the bathroom. Heated underfloor tiles aren't the only technology that people are upgrading their bathroom's with. Luxury bathrooms feature small refrigerators under makeup areas of vanities for medicine or facial creams. Some may even feature warming drawers for robes. You can also have wireless music systems and TV’s.


Wet rooms.

Wet rooms are highly stylish and will give your bathroom a spa-like and luxurious feel to it, perhaps that's why it's so sought after, who wouldn't love their own in-home spa? The style conveys a minimal design with its contemporary vibe and clean lines. While wet rooms have become popular in luxury designs, their roots come from a lower budget and institutional setting.

If a wet room is something you are planning on, it's pivotal to both your home's structure and your safety to choose materials that are non-porous, slip-resistant, and water-friendly to prevent any injuries and damage to the home. Suitable materials include ceramic and porcelain. Although expensive, by installing the same materials throughout floor to ceiling, it will create a luxurious feeling to the bathroom.


Bold walls and floor designs

Installing accent walls and floors in a modern styled bathroom can be the defining sparkle that will give it character and will determine the mood while making a personal statement in style. You can create an impactful floor look by adding ceramic or porcelain tiles and using bold colors and patterns. For a natural look, consider naturally textured stones, this will highlight shower areas as well as vanities. Grey undertones make an amazing option for natural and neutral looks. If you feel adventurous, why not try wall graphics or large paintings and mosaics to cover the walls.


Floating vanities.

Floating vanities are a perfect match for a minimalistic bathroom with their clean-cut look that will compliment any linear surfaces, neutrals colors, and modern furnishings and accents. Floating vanities pair up almost any style you want to create, from classic to modern and contemporary. Often times, floating vanities are seen in classic style bathrooms. You can also use a claw-foot tub and add a vintage footed dresser to complete the classic look.

A common theme for this 2018 is for homeowners to find new ways to break through the molds or normalcy and find themselves through new and exciting designs. Whether it be by adding a high-tech or a spa-like experience in the bathroom, they certainly make it interesting.