6 Summer Home Improvements for 2018

6 Summer Home Improvements for 2018

Having your home summer-ready should be your top priority as the last reminiscences of spring ushers away and brings summer in its breeze. Many homeowners tend to leave home improvements for after summer has arrived and the longer you put them on hold, higher the number of homeowners who'll be looking to schedule up with contractors will rise. Swamped with clients and work, means longer waiting lists and potentially higher rates. However, by getting a heads start you'd be able to not only save precious time you could be enjoying with your family instead of slaving under the summer heat but money as well.

Here are 6 summer improvements to get our to-do list jump started.


Damage Control.

Before renovations begin, start by getting any damage done during the winter and spring (AKA, Canada's second winter) season repaired. This way you'll ensure no existing issues will cause further damage or even completely shut your renovation project at last minute. Did your basement recently flood? Got any leaky pipes to take care of but keep putting it off? Now it's the perfect time to take care of these issues. Water damage and chronic moisture easily become hazardous, from rotting wood beams that ultimately put your home's structure and family in danger, to mold spores that could potentially lead to deadly diseases.


Clean the Gutters

While the worst winter has to offer has long passed, spring has hit hard with its rain showers. When rainwater and debris aren't properly captured by gutters and downspouts and carried away, water damage occurs. Gutters and downspouts will often become jammed. If so, clean them out.


Paint Jobs

With the shaky weather, winter and spring can present itself with, damage to the home's exterior appearance is expected. Mid to the end of spring is the perfect time to spend some time outside attending to your home’s siding or trim painting needs. Paint should be applied in still, dry weather – ideal temperatures being between 50-90 degrees. Plan to finish before summer’s hot waves arrive as a freshly applied coat of paint dries too quickly in hot temperatures and compromises its adhesion and durability.


Insulate Your Attic

Feeling the burn should be left at the gym, not when you come back home to relax and chill (literally.) If you're the proud homeowner of a fully insulated home, need not to worry, however, if even turning the heat up during winter couldn't get it warm enough, chances are your home isn't properly insulated. Working in a stuffy, and overly-heated attic isn't the best conditions, not to mention that insulating your attic can be dangerous if all precautions aren't taken, that's why we recommend professional help for this one.


Clean air and ventilation for your summer home.

In addition to properly insulating your home to keep the summer heat at bay, be sure your air conditioner or heat pump, ceiling fans, and dehumidifier are at optimal functionality, running smoothly, and most importantly, won’t break down during a heat spell. Other ways to prepare for summer's heat is through installing curtains, shades, blinds, and window films.


Landscaping your summer home

Gorgeous landscaping is a must to any summer home renovation list. It can be anything from a freshly moaned loan with a bed of colorful flowers to an elaborate design, bells, and whistles. To have a gorgeous landscape to exhibit is most important to those who maybe selling their home as summertime is the best time for it, this can add up to 28% to the overall value of a home and one of the least expensive projects your home can undertake.

No matter the season whether it be spring or summer, the renovation of a home it's all about the beautification and pampering of it. If done right, your summer renovation project can add significant value to your property.