Backsplash ideas for your kitchen

Backsplash ideas for your kitchen

Every homeowner dreams of having a fabulous and jaw-dropping kitchen. Whether you go for a sleek, and modern style with white overtones or vibrant ruby reds that will remind you of a cozy country home, your kitchen should always speak out for your personality and lifestyle. Let your kitchen shine with artistic and original styled cabinetry, lavish quartz countertops, and let it have that extra pop with an alluring backsplash.

Backsplashes don't only protect your walls from cooking splatters, and spills, they also create an eye-catching decorative part of your kitchen design. You can choose from materials such as glass, wood, metals, and stone. Get inspired with these amazing backsplash ideas for your next kitchen renovation.


Subway Tiles

Include these white subway marble tiles in your materials list if you are going for a modern styled kitchen. Highly versatile and easily incorporated into any desired style, marble subway tiles will create the kitchen of your dreams.

Marble subway tiles beautifully pair up with classic shaker style cabinets, stainless steel kitchenware, and its earthy grey tones will compliment Carrera or Quartz countertops with swirls of sophistication. Using stainless steel for your kitchen appliances will also give it an air of professionalism, not to forget a tone of sleek.


Glass tiles are a great choise for backsplashes

The best aspect of using glass tiles for a backsplash is that allows for a variety of choices in design and style. Using glass tiles for your backsplash or mosaic can revitalize it with the refreshing touch it offers. From colour, size, shape, and even its texture, glass tiles enable you to create the perfect environment and setting in your kitchen. Showcase all of your beautiful appliances and furniture with this trendy material.


Use wooden planks as a back splash to give your kitchen a rustic feeling

A cost-effective way of transforming your home into your own little farmhouse in the city, wooden plank gives your kitchen and home a rustic hint. Installation isn't only affordable, but simple as well. You can choose from options such as reclaimed wood, flooring, Stikwood, and even tongue and groove been the most lightweight and easier to install. Creating a wood planked backsplash will give your kitchen a rustic feel to it, create warmth and bring more of a cabin-vibe to your home. You can either get them installed natural or painted.


Metal tiles are a durable and atractive alternative for backsplashes

Prepare yourself to install not just a durable but an eye-striking metal tiled backsplash. Available in a wide range of metals, styles, colours, a metal tile kitchen backsplash offers you the best combination of durability and unique visual attractivity to your kitchen.

You can use metal as the main component of your backsplash or incorporate it with options such as marble stone or glass. Whether you incorporate or create a backsplash entirely made out metal, the material is highly durable and low-maintenance.


Use stone tiles for your backsplash to give a rustic touch to your kitchen.

If you feel as your kitchen is in need of an upgrade, consider going for a stone tile backsplash for your next remodel. Stone is a popular choice for its ceramic counterpart when giving the kitchen area a well-deserved revamp. Natural stone and travertine tiles are preferred when creating backsplashes for their long-lasting lifespan, ability to withstand harsh wear and tear, and stunning visual aesthetics. Stone can also accommodate to any style, whether you are creating a rustic or modern looking kitchen, stone will smoothly blend in and accentuate the best of our kitchen.

With all of these amazing options, you can totally transform your kitchen from dull to fab. While being affordable,they will give your kitchen that popping element to make it stand out.