Choosing The Right Cabinets for Your Kitchen

Choosing The Right Cabinets for Your Kitchen

What ktype of cabinets should I get for my kitchen? It's a tough question, especially when you see all the different trends and styles out there. You could hide your pots away in closed cabinets or style your kitchen and display your best china with open concept shelves, or perhaps even combine both styles up. Each concept has its pros and cons, to help you decide which one is best suited for your kitchen, here’s a guide to the popular options available.


Standard kitchen cabinets

Upper cabinets with doors are the standard style and trumps over in popularity as it offers plenty of storage, a clean and organized look. This style can blend in with most concepts, conforming to everybody's taste and any look you may want to create. If you lead a busy and hectic lifestyle that doesn't allow much time to organize and straighten up the kitchen area, closed cabinets will definitely help you keep things off the counters and tidier.

While closed cabinets will no doubt help you keep your kitchen decluttered, they in exchange can give it a dark and smaller feel to it. Because they take up space, especially cabinets that go up on your ceiling, they can make your kitchen feel cramped up and generally cost more to both buy and install.


Open shelving in the kitchen

In recent years, open shelving has become a trend on its own in the kitchen area. This decorative approach helps smaller sized kitchens to feel more spacious while still providing the necessary storage for your everyday utensils, cutlery, and pots. Also, open shelves make the perfect way to make a display of your best china or like to show off that new gourmet coffee machine you just got.

While displaying your best pots and China may seem aesthetically pleasing in a magazine, it takes daily dedication to keep your cupboards picture-perfect. Pro Tip: Before you go ahead on sledgehammering your shelves away, take baby steps and remove the doors and get a feeling.


Lower kitchen cabinets only.

Open shelving isn't the only way to make your kitchen appear bigger than it really is, only installing lower cabinets will also give any small kitchen the illusion of being substantially wider than its actual dimentions. Thanks to the extra space that isn't being used by the upper cabinetry, your kitchen will receive proper natural lighting and an airy feeling to it.

The downfall of removing or not installing upper cabinets is the lack of storage. While it might not be an inconvenience for homeowners that casually cook, it might be a deal breaker for someone who often does. If you don't plan on making your current residency your home for many years to come, you might want to hold onto this particular design as it might become a concern for its resale value in the future.


Alternative materials for kitchen cabinets.

Design and fashion have no rules to follow, you can use more than wood for your cabinets and shelves, like this kitchen's floating shelves. Made of marble, they emit an elegant and calming aura by blending in with the surrounding colours. Your shelves don't have to span from wall to wall, either, the space left will give your kitchen a less stuffy feeling to it.


Single Shelf instead of kitchen cabinets.

By using a single shelf, it provides you with storage of essentials to your immediate reach while also keeping the kitchen area feeling decluttered and breezy. The design makes it the perfect place to install an under-mount LED lightning.

Cabinetry and kitchen trends and styles have gone through more changes than any other part of the home, and 2018 is all about finding yourself through styles that will fit both your personality and lifestyle. What style of cabinetry will you go for when renovation your kitchen this year?