The Best Smart Appliances 2018 Has to Offer

Kitchen Renovation trends for 2018

Add convenience to your kitchen and cook like a real pro chef with the latest smart kitchen gadgets and top of the line appliances this 2018 has to offer you. This list includes innovative new wave gadgets for your comfort, from stove sensors that let you know when you have left it on to utensils such as forks that reminds you to slow down and savour the moment. 2018 presents us with a roundup of products that will change how we store, prepare, and eat food in the heart of our homes.


Inirv React - Control your stove's knobs from your smartphone

Detect, react, defend. Meet Inirv React, the first device of its kind that allows you to control your stove's knobs from your smartphone to protect you and your loved ones from the devastating effects of house fires. A combination of sensors and electronics that enables the device to not only detect smoke, high levels of natural gas, lack of your motion in the kitchen, monitor and modulate the burners' temperature, but it also reacts and turns the stove off.

With Inirv React, you will never have to worry if you left the stove on again!


Companies such as LG and Samsung have been working on interconnected fridges and oven for the past few years. Appliances that can be connected to your smartphone to be able to keep track of things, make sure there is plenty of ice and the temperatures don't drop too low or rise too high.


LG SmartThinQ fridge,smart technology appliances

Life can be even better than you ThinQ. LG invites you to discover their brand new line of sleek, smart technology appliances such as their new SmartThinQ fridge. By activating their IcePlus feature, you will always have ice on hand. This LG smart fridge will send you notifications to your smartphone in the case that a door has been left open, never again will you lose your cool. It will even save you money when you are away on vacations when you active vacation mode no matter where you are to conserve your home's energy.

Family Hub

Samsung Family Hug smart refrigerator works as a comunication center for your home.

Samsung lets you connect with the revolutionary Family Hub smart refrigerator. As Samsung themselves puts it "It’s more than a fridge. It’s the Family Hub." Samsung's new smart refrigerator has a touch screen of its own that works as a sort of communication centre for your home. It even has cameras inside for you to see what you are low on as you are out shopping.

"Make your kitchen the centre of your home. With the Family Hub, you can shop for food, organize your family’s schedules and even entertain — all right from your fridge." - Samsung

While their prices are expected to fall within the thousands, these larger appliances carry significant premiums with them as delivering high-quality and efficient performance is their aim.


Perfect Bake Pro, the most accurate kitchen scale on the market

Baking your family's favourite cookies, cakes, and delicious homemade bread isn't rocket science, but when measurements aren't accurate, it can be a nightmare. That's where the Perfect Baking Pro comes in handy. Been able to measure from 6 kg down to 0.1 grams, the Perfect Baking Pro is the most accurate kitchen scale on the market, simplifying the process of assembly and baking every time you step into the kitchen.


Perfect Bake Pro, the most accurate kitchen scale on the market

Sous-vide (suːˈviːd), meaning "under vacuum" in French, is a cooking technique that has gained quite the popularity these past years. Sous-vide is the method of cooking vacuum sealed food by submerging it in a water bath kept at precise temperatures, ensuring no moisture is lost during the cooking process.

At $CAD 169, the Anova Precision Cooker is the world’s top-selling sous-vide device. With thousands of five-star reviews and happy clients loving to cook at home the sous-vide way rather than eating out, Anova has developed an amazingly easy to set up device with outstanding results. For $CAD 30 more, you could go for their Bluetooth + WiFi option. While both options have Bluetooth, this option lets you prepare meals that serve up to 12 people with its 900 watts, making it perfect for those who love to entertain parties.


HAPYfork helps you track and monitor all of your eating habits

Developed by Jacques Lépine and powered by Slow Control, the HAPIfork is an electronic fork that helps you track and monitor all of your eating habits, alerting you with gentle vibrations and lights when you are eating too fast. This information is collected and then uploaded via USB or Bluetooth to your HAPI account accessible on the Online Dashboard & Mobile App both compatible with iOS and Android phones.

The HAPIfork measures:

  • How long it took you to finish off your meal.
  • The number of times you brought the fork down from your plate up to your mouth.
  • Intervals between forkfuls.

Originally the HAPIfork was developed for clinical and medical use, but the HAPIfork has today become a must-have smart utensil that can be used by everyone. Since 2002, a series of scientific studies have highlighted the negative side-effects of eating too quickly:

Weight Gain:

during a meal, it takes an average of 20 minutes for our body to feel satiety or the feeling of had eaten enough to satisfy. The faster you eat, the more you eat, and overeating is the number one reason for unwanted weight gain.

Digestive and Gastric Problems: when food is eaten faster than the stomach can break it down, it opens the door up to a host of digestive and gastric problems such as:

  • GERD (Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease)
  • Bloating
  • Heartburn
  • Gas

The best and simplest way to lose weight and keep a happy stomach whilst enjoying every meal of the day. HAPIfork: Eat slowly, lose weight, feel great!

We can't wait to get our oven mitts on these hot, smart gadgets this 2018. Let us know which one caught your attention the most!