The Best Basement Renovation Ideas For 2017

The Best Basement Renovation Ideas For 2017

In the past few years, we have seen an increased interest in basement remodeling. Homeowners are beginning to understand the amazing potential the investment of renovating this often forgotten space of their homes can have. We expect that in 2017 reno requests will increase as homeowners seek fresh and exciting ideas to expand and enjoy their basements. Here we have just a few of the hottest trends to expect this year for basement remodeling:


Open concept basement renovation

Open concept is a popular choice in current home design. Traditionally, we divide rooms by walls, but an open concept layout tears down that feeling of tightness and suffocation and allows for a free environment. Take advantage of the natural expansive nature that basements often present by promoting the flow of air and light with an open concept layout. Open concepts can also be great for homes with limited space, not been bound by walls, it creates the illusion of a more spacious environment.


Home Theatre - Basement Remodeling in Caledon

The traditional theatre room is a dream many homeowners have. So why not redesign your basement into your personal movie theatre this 2017? Keep acoustics in mind when designing your movie theatre, help contain sounds and minimize outside noise by constructing a space that absorbs sound rather than reflecting it. How you cover your room space, top to bottom, is key. From what type of ceiling, walls, flooring, and lights you go with; it all matters in the end to create the perfect in-home movie theatre.


In-Law Suite - Basement Finishing

Transforming your basement into an in-law suit is a brilliant idea for your basement renovation; specially if you've got relatives who often visit and need a comfortable place to say in. The traditional suite contains the basic arrangement of a bedroom and bathroom. But why not expand that if you've got the space for it. Include a kitchenette, living room or lounge area. Or even set multiple bedrooms and state of the art bathrooms if room allows for it.


Music Room - Vaughan Basement Reno

We have talked about having your personal movie theatre at home, but if you're not too much of a moviegoer, what about your personal music room? Unleash the inner rockstar within you by creating your personal music room, all inclusive with your own recording studio right at home. If you're a music lover and spend hours listening or even creating it, this might be the trend to hang onto as it gets increasingly popular this 2017. While setting music rooms can take a lot of planning, the end result is greatly satisfactory for any music enthusiast.


Man Cave - Basement Reno In King City

A place for the guys to hang out, man caves are a growing trend this past few years, and it's popularity only grows in 2017. Living in a technology dependant age, man caves are teching up and becoming more electronic-based. Sure, the ol' pool table is fun to play while having a few beers with the lads, but why not also install that amazing surround sound and advanced speaker system alongside a plasma TV to enhance game nights? But keep it down! Soundproof your cave to make the best of that surround system or cheer for your team on game nights.


Vaughan Playroom - Basement Renovation

Usually, people don't use their basement. Maybe they don't use it adequately. If you've got little ones in the family, or maybe you're expecting, converting the basement into every kid's dream playroom can be an amazing idea that will be enjoyed for many years as they grow. Paint the walls with lively and vibrant colours, get proper lighting and childproof the room to make it a safe environment for your child. Get wacky, install a slide alongside the stairs and slide your way down!

In conclusion, basements have taken the home remodeling industry by storm. Homeowners are finding new and creative uses for their basements, expanding their living areas while increasing the value of their homes in the process. The ideas are endless, even a single basement can end up with many uses. Don't let this amazing space in your home go to waste and start thinking about the benefits of your home and your family can gain.

What will your basement turn into this year?