Renovating your downstairs bathroom

Renovating your downstairs bathroom

The downstairs restroom is usually the smallest in the house, but it is no excuse to let it fall behind in style. Style is all about confidence; a dash of it, a few valuables in display, smart storage, add some good lightning and you might transform it into a space you never thought of spending more time than you thought enough. Here are some ideas if you are planning to renovate your powder-room.

Maximazing space when renovating your downstairs bathroom


The least impact in the room, the better. Opt for doors that open outwards rather than inwards; a great alternative are sliding or even folding doors as these tend to create least impact. Choose styles such as triangular-shaped or wall-hung toilets as they are perfect for compact spaces such as small bathrooms, amazing at creating the illusion that the space is bigger than it is. Boxed in cistern and rectangular sinks, keep away from over-complicated taps and avoid waterfall models in such limited space areas as they can easily cause floods. Go with a wall mounted vanity unit for all of the bathroom essentials.

Tidy and clutter free powder room


Confined spaces as such can be magnets for clutter. Wall-hung roll holders, soap dispensers and towel hangers maintain small bathrooms mess-free while still maintaining all essentials at hand. Just like wall mounted vanity units are great for small bathrooms, you can also get creative and use small baskets or bins to hide anything too unstintingly away.

Bathroom with large mirror to give the illusion of a larger space


Introducing the right ornaments can create the illusion of your bathroom appearing bigger than it actually is by playing with the perspective of it. Positioning a large ornate mirror on the back wall will give of the illusion of infinity, or you can also opt for the choice of using a number of smaller co-ordinating mirrors. You can also consider getting a downlight niche lighting behind the toilet, this will bring indirect light and create depth to the room.

Use oversized tiles to make your downstairs bathroom look larger


Using light and big mirrors to create depth aren't the only ways to trick the mind into thinking you are in a bigger space than you actually are. Many homeowners make the mistake of going for small tiles when it comes to their bathrooms. However, in this instance; the bigger the titles, the better. The larger tiles aren't just going to create the illusion of a bigger space but also gives it the element of elegance. Larger tiles also mean less time is spent cleaning as larger tiles expose less grout lines.

Personalize your bathroom to create warmth


You can make your bathroom feel more welcoming and less chilly by installing heated floors, even installing a heated towel rail in can be useful. Upper-class homes like to play with the idea of being amusing; hanging photographs, cards and even framed mementos in the downstairs restroom. A neat idea could be to build a visual montage of your family's or even home's history in black-and-white frames. While these won't make your bathroom appear any larger, it will keep your mind away from it and enjoy this space in a new and different way.

Whether you choose to use illusion to trick the eye or take the mind away from the fact that it is in a smaller environment by making it warm and inviting by giving it a personal touch, we hope that today's 5 tips on how to transform your downstairs bathroom has helped you and get the most of yours out.