Minimalistic Kitchen Renovation: Less is More

Minimalistic kitchen renovation: less is more - Home renovation 2017

As we live in a world that continues to grow and become more complex, the benefits that a minimalist lifestyle offers can be felt today more than ever. The minimalistic life is all about living with a little less but getting more out of it all at the same time; less stress, more freedom, less distractions, more time. Things that everybody searches in this chaotic world more than ever before.

That's why today we present you with how to apply this minimalist mindset to your own kitchen on your future home remodel. Less mess and chaos so you get more space and peace of mind! Minimalistic kitchens have the reputation of being sleek and efficient. Details such as marble-topped kitchen islands and neutral colors to give it that peaceful and worry-free vibe.

Minimalistic kitchen renovation with marble top isle

The kitchen of this beautiful Venice Walk Street home is a great example of a minimalistic kitchen done right. White marble-topped isle with a couple of pared-down stool chairs, and black wooden cabinetry that compliments the white materials. Even giving it a bit of a pop and life by bringing the outside in with some greenery and dark wood shelves, giving this space warmth.

White minimalistic kitchen

If you're looking to make your minimalistic kitchen renovation pop, you can always follow the example of this gorgeous Brooklyn Town-home presented by ELLE DECOR. This textile maven inspired home's kitchen is covered from top to bottom with patterns and complimentary colors added here and there. However, white is the main color scheme with a white backsplash, white painted wooden cabinetry, and white marble countertops alongside a marble-topped island.

Style and practicality in this beautiful kitchen reno

Who ever said that style and practicality can't co-exist together? Because this brightly styled kitchen proves it otherwise. This kitchen gives off a sophisticated air with the grey earth tones from the countertops and the warm browns from the furniture.

Minimalistc country inpired kitchen - Home renovation

Country inspired yet very chic, this home has the perfect mix of whites and earthy browns, giving it a sense of coziness and freshness in the air. Painted cabinetry mixed with open shelves and glass-front doors, stylish looking farm house sink with a bridge faucet that perfectly blends in with any type of modern stove and kitchen utilities. Minimalist or not, farm house sinks are great picks since they're deep and efficient for larger families. They're also timeless and keep in style, definitely a choice for your kitchen remodel.

Minimalistc style kitchen

This gallery styled kitchen with black granite countertops and beautiful neutral notes give this kitchen that touch of glamour while remaining classic, timeless, and practical all at the same time. For maximum storage capacity, large white cabinets, making it truly pop in distinction.

Sometimes it can feel as anxiety and worry can cloud our minds. That's why it's important to hold a space where all those feelings seem to just melt off with the sense of peace and tranquility, even if that space is small. Owning a minimalist kitchen doesn't have to mean chaos for you any longer. With a bit of planing and ingenuity, you can transform it into a space you can enjoy and relax in.