Leaving Home for the Holidays? 5 Great Tips

Leaving home for the holidays? 5 great tips

Christmas is the time of the year when everybody gets that rush of excitement as we all long to go back to our families. However, everybody's fear is leaving their home for the holidays only to return to a pile of ash where their beloved home once stood. That's why we have prepared a few tips on what you can do before you leave your home unsupervised during the holidays, so neither you or your home go up in flames from stress or neglect.


Clean your home before you leave for the holidays

There's nothing worse than returning home from an amazing vacation with your family than coming back to the sight of dust bunnies, clothes dumped all over the place, and a carton of expired milk in the fridge. You should treat and maintain your home as if it was a high-end hotel, it should excite you to walk through its door. Why leave the cleaning for spring?


Secure your valuables

There are countless horror stories where homeowners have gone on vacation or left home for the holidays only to find out they had been robbed upon return. While we recommend you install a security system in your home, you can always install fake security cameras on your front door to scare away any possible burglars who might eye your home. A few options can also be taking valuables with you, keeping them away in a bolted down safe or safe deposit box.


Make it look like you are home while you are away in vacation

While making your home seem like it's still in use is one of the most common tips out there, it's also one of the worst ones when it comes to executing it. Not everybody has got a roommate or the luxury to pay for a house sitter, so this could be your solution if done correctly. It's recommended to use timers for lamps and other light fixtures to go on and off during the night. You can even put one on your TV to make it seem like you're still following the same evening routine as you always do.


Lock your doors and windows

Everybody has seen this not so cliche scenario in cheesy horror movies and stories. Someone forgets to lock the door or leaves their bedroom window open allowing for a criminal to smoothly creep into your home. By making sure you lock and close all windows and doors before you leave home can prevent you from starring in your own horror story.


Turn down your heating while on holiday

This could save you a lot of money while you're away from home during the holidays. While nobody likes to return to an icicle, turning the thermostat down will keep your home warm for your return and will keep your wallet happy at the same time. Another way to save electricity is by unplugging all non-essential devices.


Convert your basement into a suite for your holiday guests

We all have done the terrible mistake of packing late or even the very night before we travel. Nothing more stressing than having no clean underwear or socks to wear and the idea only causes more stress before leaving home. That's why you should always pack either a few days before you leave or a week ahead to ensure you got everything you will need. That way you can ensure a fun and care-free vacation with your family.

The holidays can be stressful enough without having to constantly worry about a major disaster happening in your own home. We just hope to aid you through the stress that holidays can bring.