Kitchen renovations: sinks and countertops

Kitchen renovation sinks and countertops - Home renovation in Vaughan

Today's post is all about kitchen sinks and countertops for your next kitchen renovation. We'll present you with amazing styles that will make prepping, cooking, and cleaning night dishes easy as pie! Not to forget countertops that will compliment these sinks and complete the whole look. Whether you are looking for a classic and timeless look or you feel like you want to give your kitchen a look that will make it pop, you won't go wrong with any of these on your next home remodel.


Farmhouse sinks are great when remodeling your kitchen in Vaughan.

Farmhouse sinks get their name as their look are inspired by historic farmhouses. This rustic sink style is also known as an apron sink and it can turn chic and upscale in the form of shiny stainless steel. Stainless steel can also give a rustic home a small modern flare to the kitchen area. Farmhouse sinks are a great fit for large families, the deep basin design is perfect for large cleanups after dinner or large gatherings. Apron styled sinks also come in a wide variety of materials such as;cast iron, stainless steel, and stones like marble and quartz.


Marbel countertops - kitchen remodel ideas - Home renovation

By installing marble countertops in your next kitchen remodel, you can add a crisp and elegant look to it. Marble isn't just about beauty; marble is naturally cool, so it's perfect for all the pastry chefs and baking lovers out there. Besides being heat-resistant, marble can be quite cost effective depending on the type of marble you decide to install. Carrara, or white marble, is one of the least expensive materials for being readily available.

TIP: White marble countertops and a marble back-splash create a beautiful look for your kitchen. You can also install a stainless steel apron style sink, they both compliment each other amazingly!


Under-mount kitchen sink

Not crazy for integrated sinks? Then the smooth look that an undermount sink provides is a great option. Like many of our sink choices for today, homeowners with families love selections like this. This type of sink hangs below the counter, meaning more space for pots and pans, making washing them a breeze. In addition to easy clean up, under-mount sinks also allows for more counter space, which makes any homeowner a happy one as this gives you more room to prep meals. While undermount sinks aren't the best choice for laminate or tile countertops, it makes the better choice for kitchen with quarts and stone countertops.


Divided sinks and black granite countertop kitchen remodel

These type of sinks offer lots of space in your kitchen for all your cleanup after a hard day in the kitchen. The pro that many homeowners love about divided sinks with double and even triple basins is that it makes cleanup a whole more easier as you can easily separate pots, plates and glasses to avoid any accidents when washing them. They are available in all types of materials; stainless steel, enamel-coated cast iron, porcelain enamel, and solid composite stones such as granite and quartz.

TIP: If you choose solid surface countertops like granite and the such, it's recommended to install a stainless steel sink for its under-mount capability.


Granite vrs quartz in kitchen renovation

Quartz was introduced as an alternative to granite for its durability,high resistance against staining and for being hygienic. While granite is as strong and durable as quartz is, it has its downfalls. Granite is a porous stone; this means that any type of water, oils or wine is going to seep into the stone's surface and cause staining. Unlike its competitor, granite is a dangerous breeding ground for bacteria that can leave your countertops as a possible health hazard for infants and the elderly. Being porous also means that resealing its surface on a yearly basis is needed to keep wear and tears at bay, while this isn't an issue with quartz.

Sinks and countertops are a big part of a kitchen's decor and something homeowners think about twice when having their home remodeled. There are endless options out there. And whether you are trying to give your kitchen a modern flare with the flavour of the month or you decide to choose a style that fits you as an individual, these choices are great. Remodels are all about having some fun and trying new things for your home, so don't fuzz too badly and have a good time during this exciting phase as a homeowner.

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