How to cozy up your home this fall - Home renovation 2017

Home renovation in VaughanHow to cozy up your home this fall - Home renovation 2017

The desire to make a fresh start always comes with the change of season. Adding new sweaters to your wardrobe collection and breaking out new soup recipes are some of the few ways we celebrate the cold. But homeowners are always looking for new ways to spruce their homes during the final months of the year. These are a few great ideas on how to revitalize and accessorize your living space this season. Take a peak at these great home renovation ideas!


Implementing orange in your kitchen in Vaughan.

While orange is not the typical colour to see in the kitchen area, it has become a trendy one during these past years for the fall season. Just like everything pumpkin spice and hoodies are a fall trend, orange is joining in. Orange can be quite a vibrant colour, so it is important to know what types of hues are suited best for each area of the home. This kitchen for example; a warmer orange tone for the outer walls, mixed with black cabinetry, white granite countertops and isle make a beautiful combination!

TIP: If you find painting your walls orange to be a bit too flashy, you can always implement it in more subtle ways. Orange chairs like such look great paired with wooden or white countertops. Finding small decorations to keep the warm feeling that orange can bring out is always a good option, too.


Use deep orange in your bedroom accents to improve your home in the fall

Deep orange is perfect for the bedroom. Best of all, it can adapt to any season of the year. Fall, winter, autumn, and even summer! However, orange is best suited for the colder days of these oncoming seasons as it is a warm toned colour. Adding a pop of burnt orange for the walls and several shades of orange for the throw pillows and quilt in this bedroom make an amazing match against wooden furniture and fixtures.


Warm up your evening during the fall season with a fire pit

Christmas isn't here quite yet, so rather than roasting chestnuts on an open fire, why not roast s'mores on one instead! During October, days are windy and nights are chilly; what better way to warm up than by grabbing yourself a nice blanket, some hot chocolate and roast some delicious s'mores with the family by your own fire pit? Deep seated patio furniture that make fall evenings outdoors during the fall comfortable become a popular choice. During this season, many homeowners make home renovation and outdoor space renovation a priority as they wish to enjoy them well into the winter season.


Stay indoors during the fall and cozy up by your fireplace

If the outdoors during this less than warm season isn't for you, bring the outdoors inside your home. Warm it up by starting up your fireplace and arranging a stack of firewood at the foot of it. Got a gas fireplace? Not an issue! As many gas fireplaces have faux wood fixtures in them, you can lay a few pieces of real firewood besides your fireplace as decor. Fireplaces on themselves are great as home decoration. Even if you don't particularly use them, they are a staple in many traditional homes. They also provide with a distinctive welcoming feeling to one.


Tuscan style is in this fall - Kitchen renovation

The warmth of Italy is felt in this Tuscany inspired kitchen. Showcasing beautiful marble countertops, green and white backslash, wooden kitchen cabinetry, and a breath taking Tuscany wooden isle in the middle of the kitchen. Orange isn't the only color to bring warmth to your kitchen, as this shade of olive green for the cabinetry and the bronze kitchen ware and fixtures do the job wonderfully so.

Something important to always have in mind is that just because it is trendy, doesn't mean it is right for your home. However, if you are ready infuse them and renovate your home, we can help.