Home trends for fall 2017 - Going rustic

Home trends for fall 2017 - Going rustic - Home renovation in Vaughan

As the seasons change so do the leaves. From bright green to yellow and orange; take a cue from the changing leaves, fall is coming. The days get shorter and the nights get longer, the rays of the sun start to shy away and fall brings cooler days ahead. Putting a sweater on and sipping on some hot tea isn't the only way to keep warm. Today we bring you 6 home trends to warm your interior up during this fall in 2017, rustic style!


Deep prussian blue walls in Vaughan - Home renovation

Dark colours and shades of blue such as Prussian Blue are perfect to transform any bedroom or quiet space into a warm haven for the long nights that come with these cold months ahead. The combination of deep walls and darker shades of blue pair up perfectly together! Wooden bed posts and stands in Dark Walnut shades are a great match for Prussian Blue walls.


Dark green cabinetry in Vaughan - Home renovation

As the chilly winds of fall fast approaches and the summer heat starts to subside, we try to make our homes feel more inviting. Redecorating your home to give it that cozy feeling can be as easy as getting your walls or cabinetry repainted. Using darker tones such as dark green tones can give your kitchen that warm feeling you are after while giving it a rustic twist and still maintaining a classy feel to it.


Wooden floors and dark green cabinetry are in this fall - Home improvement  Vaughan

No matter what season of the year it is, hardwood floors and wooden fixtures are always in style. Not to mention that if you are thinking of putting your home on the market, hardwood flooring always increases your home's value. The popularity of rustic styled homes are on the rise; by combining hardwood flooring and tones such as dark greens for your kitchen cabinetry, you get the rustic look you are after while still keeping it chic.

TIP: Nowadays, many individuals are vegan or consider going green for the sake of the planet. If you are environmentally friendly you can always opt for imitation wood tiles. They are both good for your cause and your wallet as they cost significantly less than real wood.


Lime wash walls - Trends for home remodeling in Vaughan

Plaster and limewash walls seem to be a growing trend this 2017 after Axel Vervoordt used it in one of his projects. This traditional finish is great for old damp-problematic walls such as wet rooms seen that limewash is a breathable finish making it perfect for such type of walls. Unlike regular paint, limewash penetrates the surface and colour is built up by applying several coats of it.


Garnet red is a great fall color when doing home improvements in Vaughan

Go big or go home, or in this case, your dining room! No better room in your home to be bold and try to spark a bit of excitement to it by giving it a makeover during the months of fall. Garnet red is bold and elegant, this passionate shade of red is just right to give a warm vibe off to its surroundings without it being too intimidating.


Terracota tiles will make your home feel warm in the fall

This brownish orange or clay toned colour is knows as terracotta, and it's not just a summer trend! Whether you are re-tiling your floor for terracotta tiles or you are repainting your living room walls, it's guaranteed that your home will feel warm; not to mention turn heads by its exotic look. Terracotta is popular in its native Italy as well as in Spain; anything from kitchen floor tiles to sculptures, terracotta is the popular kid on the block when it comes to the rustic style.

There you have it, 6 trends that this fall will bring! Whether you decide to spruce your kitchen cabinetry up with a change of colour or you re-tile your floors, little changes can make a big difference on how you view and feel in your own home. How will you improve your home this fall season?