Fun and Festive Holiday and Christmas Decoration Ideas for Your Home this 2017

Fun and festive holiday and christmas decoration ideas for your home this 2017

The holidays just got chic! Even scientist agree that decorating your home for the holidays will make you a jollier person during them.

Psychoanalyst Steve McKeown said, "In a world full of stress and anxiety, people like to associate to things that make them happy and Christmas decorations evoke those strong feelings of the childhood. Decorations are simply an anchor or pathway to those old childhood magical emotions of excitement. So putting up those Christmas decorations early extends the excitement!"

So why not keep your brain chemistry happy and your home looking gorgeous at the same time with amazing Christmas decorations during the holiday season?

This fireplace is beautifully decorated with frosted and non-frosted pinecones, spruce, and a little bit of winterberry stems


This fireplace is beautifully decorated with frosted and non-frosted pinecones, spruce, and a little bit of winterberry stems to give it a fiery pop of red colour to the mix. While you can get faux materials for the decorations, you can always keep them looking fresh by spritzing the boughs with water if you decide to go with authentic and natural materials.

The Christmas Rose


While the Helleborus does not actually belong to the rose family, it's known as "The Christmas Rose" as it breathtakingly blooms during the winter months, and gives off a welcoming aura. This type of perennial comes in all sorts of colours including yellow, black, and white and pink as seen above. They can also be a fresh alternative to the classic poinsettias.

Bunches of cinnamon sticks in a magnolia garland


Burning candles isn't the only way to make your home smell of holiday joy! A good trick under the sleeve is tucking bunches of cinnamon sticks in a magnolia garland. This gives both texture to your decor, and a lovely fragrance all in one.

Tecorate the banister with some festive garland


Entice your guests and encourage them to wander around in the upper levels of your home by decorating up the banister with some festive plant life and pretty lights that are accentuated by their dim surroundings. You want to give a welcoming sense, one that says 'stay and enjoy'. You can also use all sorts of greenery, pinecones, and red ribbons with gold in them.


Layer your table decor

Using objects that differ in height and size can create a pretty interesting table setting during this holiday season. Bryan Rfanelli, the White House's Christmas Designer says himself. You can build up your table by having tall candlesticks and smaller decorations around them. If you like symbolic decor, you can also hang a garland made of olive branches as your mantel. Both symbolic and pretty.

Triple the fun Christmas door decoration


Single wreaths are nice, double wreaths are fun, but triple wreaths are just awesome! Stack them one under the other on your front door, your entryway will definitely look trice as merry this year.

Dust fruit with glitter for a Christmas arrangemnt


If you the kitchen it more of your forte, this is the perfect kind of decorating for you. Dust fruit with glitter! Although, it's fake fruit. Fake the perfect frosty icing with this amazing wintry recipe.

This recipe calls to mix three parts of white glitter to one part silver. Once all is mixed, just coat your faux fruit of choice; whether it be grapes, pears, or limes, they will make a sparkly centerpiece.

A beautiful card display with Christmas wishes


Why not display all your friends and family's holiday and Christmas wishes by making a beautiful card display as the example of one given by Martha Steward. Take some miniature clothespins to secure the cards on a string, this way the season's greeting will be on full display in your home this year!

Laying out some snacks in a decorative way can also entertain your guests


Keeping up with the Christmas decorations can be exhausting, and it can even take time away from your guests as a host, specially if you got multiple trees to pretty up. That's why you shouldn't forget the kitchen! Laying out some snacks in a decorative way can also entertain your guests.

Use soft cheeses like Camembert or Brie and cut them into star-shaped figures to put them on the top of your snack trees, cut sausage and hard cheeses up, lay a few green olives, cherry tomatoes, and salami or bologna slices in between, and prep crackers at the bottom.

Put a bunch of candy canes, peppermints for your Christmas guests


Another decorative way to put out some treats out for your guests is using candy canes. You can put a bunch of candy canes, peppermints, and all sorts of candies in glass jars or any other type of glass containers to exhibit them out to your guests.

Decorated Christmas Cart


As your guest won't stay in one place and will wander around looking at the gorgeous decoration in your home, you got to have your bar cart ready to go to them throughout the night. While your bar cart still has to be functional, it doesn't mean you have to skimp on its holiday spirit. Arrange glassware at the bottom section of your cart, while your spirits, liquors, and you can't forget to have your eggnog all positioned on one side on the top shelf, arrange miniature frosted pine trees and Christmas trinkets. However, if your cart is too small, you can always keep the holiday spirit on it by decorating it with some greenery.

Gorgeous winter display for the holidays


Your holiday decoration doesn't have to be all Christmas-centered! You can make a gorgeous winter display by taking a glass vase, place a candle inside its own glass cup in the middle, and take your favorite wintery fruits and nuts. This beautiful example has got kumquats, cranberries, and walnuts still in their shell. The colours are warm, which makes them the perfect centre piece for your table during the cold winter nights during dinner.

Hanging stockings on the fireplace is fun


A fun activity if you will have young guests attending your holiday or Christmas party is hanging stockings on the fireplace. You can fill them up with small toys, and all sorts of delicious candy and snacks for them to take back home and remember a fun time.

Building a gingerbread house can be a fun activity to demonstrate your artistic side


Gingerbread houses make not only pretty displays with all the different and amazing designs they come in, but they also make delicious displays as well! Building a gingerbread house can be a fun activity to demonstrate your artistic side, not forget the chance to snag a bit of icing for yourself when no one is watching. Best part is that this is something both grown ups and and children can enjoy together. Fun for the whole gang!

You can take a few of these ideas to decorate your home this holiday season, or you could glam up your home and use every single one of them, no reason to limit yourself!