Bathroom remodel trends: sinks, vanities & countertops

Bathroom remodel trends: sinks, vanities & countertops - Home renovation in Vaughan

From rustic terracotta and petrified wood sinks to simple countertops that will never come out of style, these trends will breath in fresh air into your bathroom and even give it a touch of sophistication. Here are our top 7 choices of sinks, vanities and countertops for your next bathroom renovation.


Vessel sinks are a never dying home trend when it comes to remoding bathrooms.

A never-dying home trend when it comes to remodeling bathrooms, the “Vessel Sink”. When it comes to sinks, there is no other type that quite stands out as the vessel sink does. Unlike the ordinary drop-in or under-mount sink, vessel sinks are a type of basin and are placed on top of a counter or vanity. Vessel sinks are mostly used in powder rooms; but as they aren't seen outside of them, they can make a refreshing choice for the master bedroom.


Terracotta sinks are great when renovating your bathroom in Vaughan - Home renovation

Terracotta isn't just a trend for garden stones and tiles or a warm colour to decor your home's interior during the fall season; if you are into the rustic style that the Mediterranean offers, terracotta is for you! Modern homes made wood and stone flooring a must during this past home remodeling season. However, some look for something timeless yet stylish, and incorporating terracotta in your bathroom as a sink can give you what you are looking for.


Make your makup routine more special whith a dedicated vanity - bathroom renos

Don't just pamper yourself, but your bathroom as well! Give your master bathroom a lush factor with a dedicated vanity. Make your makeup routine a bit more special and feel like the princess you got inside of you, or make your fair lady feel special with a vanity dedicated all to herself. What girl doesn't dream of trays and pretty baskets full of creams and beautiful polishes to try on?


reclaimed wood will give your bathroom renovation a stylish look

The warmth of terracotta isn't the only way to give a rustic turn to your bathroom. Using aged wood is a fantastic way of spinning the usual modern look that wood inspires in homes. This type of vanity makes a great choice for those who are also looking for not only a way to make their bathrooms stylish, but timeless as wood is one of those trends that has never seen it's times come to an end.


Glass sinks will complete your wet room look

Absence of a vanity in this case means glass sinks are usually suspended from a floating glass countertop, cutting down on storage. While this might not seem to be idea for bathrooms with limited space, homeowners that are considering of turning their bathroom into a wet room or might already have one, installing a glass sink will complete the look! Glass sinks can make your bathroom feel more spa-like.


A petrified wood sink will give a unique feeling to your bathroom reno

While it may be called petrified wood, this sink is actually completely made from stone; a name given to a special type of fossilized remains of vegetation and in this case, wood, keeping the structure of the wood but turning it to stone. No sink of this type is the same, they are truly unique in shape, size and colour. Each one is one of a kind.


Make sure you get plenty of storage when renovating your home bathroom in Vaughan

Offering spectacular beauty, marble countertops aren't just for kitchen isles. Marble remains high in demand for its elegance and delicate looks. They come in hues of solid white and black, a range of rose, yellow, green and grey. Marble, in a way is similar to petrified wood, as no two slabs are alike. They are unique. Their beauty isn't the only reason why marble is so popular,it's heat resistant and won't yellow as time passes on; this means your mind will be worry-free when hot styling tools are used around it.

To conclude: Whether you are after that spacious and spa-like feeling that a glass sink can give your wet room or you are more of a rustic enthusiast and just love the idea of a Spanish inspired terracotta bathroom sink, you won't g wrong with any of these wonderful trends as inspiration the next time your home goes under renovation.