A Guide to Wet Rooms

A Guide to Wet Rooms

Thanks to their sleek and ease of use, wet rooms are quickly rising in popularity. Wet rooms are not always the perfect fit for every home or every person when renovating a bathroom. Read on and learn the pros and cons of this trendy bathroom style and decide whether a wet room is or isn't for you.


Sometimes wet rooms can include a shower and freestanding tub in an enclosed space separate from the sink and toilet area- Vaughan - Bathroom renovation

A wet room is a style of bathroom that is quickly increasing in popularity around the world for its sleek and contemporary look. This type of space is constructed with material designed to get wet. Meaning that you outfit the entire bathroom in water-friendly materials. Sometimes wet rooms can include a shower and freestanding tub in an enclosed space separate from the sink and toilet area.


Small wet room - King bathroom renovations

While the style is popular with high-end and luxury bathrooms, wet rooms are a smart idea if your bathroom is small or space is limited. Not just stylish, this bathroom trend can easily increase the value and asking price of your home if you're remodeling in hope to sell.

Selling Tip: Remember to have at least one bathroom with a tub as it's a feature buyers look for.

One of the biggest perks of installing a wet room is how low-maintenance they are. The wet environment is perfect to clean with everyday household cleaners as they can be used around the rooms to keep clean and mould at bay. And if properly done by a professional, your floor will be better protected.


Bathroom renovation Caledon - Wet rooms

These type of spaces have to be tiled from top to bottom, and that can get costly if you don't have the founds for it. It can be hard work to maintain depending on what materials you go with. Porous stone styles for example, might need to be resealed every few months. As we stated above, wet rooms can be a great idea is space is limited. But even benefits can have disadvantages of their own. If you're dealing with small spaces, look out for your towels and toiletry as they might get wet by the spray from the shower.


The costs can add up pretty quickly. Installation cost for a wet room can be anywhere from $CAD 8,000 to $CAD 16,000. Tanking your floor for a wet room which includes floor-to-ceiling tiles can cost an extra $CAD 800 to $CAD 1,000.


Choose non-porous tiles for your wet room when renovating your ensuite in Vaughan.

When choosing tiles for your wet room, choose non-porous tiles such as ceramic or even porcelain. If you go with porous materials such as marble tiles, be aware that you will need to have them resealed every few months to prevent any sort of damage from the water contact. While tiles are the most popular choice for wall and floor covering, low-maintenance materials such as non-porous Corian.

A tip for your wet room's floor is installing underfloor heating as this helps keeping your tiles warm and dry.


Finishing elements for your wet room in Caledon

Before you go ahead and get the builders and contractor in, take your time and think through all the elements that will shape this new space in your home. From shower fittings to where the towel rack will be placed. Taking time during the planing stage is vital, as good planing is the best way to ensure complete satisfaction.

In-Shower Storage

Dedicated storage spaces for shampoo and soaps withing your shower are is essential. Getting niche shelving is a smart solution as they can be installed during the construction stage. A way to prevent water from pooling on your in-shower shelving is to add a slight gradient to them.

Shower Fixtures

Deciding whether or not you want your shower fixtures to be exposed or concealed can set the tone of style to your wet room. Exposed shower fixtures can give off a modern feel. But if a sleek style is what you're looking for, a rainwater shower head might be what you're looking for.


Whether you enjoy a power shower or you like to take your sweet time in it, installing a drain that can hand;e high water volumes effectively and efficiently is the best way to go. Channel-style drains are a great option as this drain style collects water across the full length of the shower, preventing floods from occurring.

Glass-Free Partition

While the typical partition style for wet rooms is glass, a growing trend withing this style are tiled or wood partition walls. Tile partition walls are a brilliant way on sectioning your wet room and stopping water from flowing away.

This trendy bathroom style is not for everyone, many people have adopted it and loved it. It is up to you to decide when renovating your bathroom, if it is convenient and desirable for your home or just another passing trend.