8 Ways To Summer Up Your Home

8 Ways To Summer Up Your Home

Who doesn't love a colour palette full of vibrant and exciting shades to play with? Prepare yourself for a bright summer filled with mixed patterns and cheery colours to incorporate into your house. With so many trends and choices out there, we know how tough it can be to pick the right ones. So why don't you let us do it for you? Here are some of our top picks for your home renovation during the summer of 2017.


Greenery 2017 Color of Choice - Home Renovation Vaughan

Designated the colour of 2017 by Pantone, Greenery is versatile. Dark or vibrant, it's fresh aura perfectly suits for summer. Green is an ideal choice to help you feel revitalized and add a sense of refreshment to your home as it's often associated with regeneration, prosperity and growth. Green is the perfect colour for your office space as it also symbolizes monetary gain, hence prosperity! If re-painting your walls isn't your cup of tea, there are other ways to integrate this colour, such as adding curtains and pillows.


Tangerine Trendy Color For Summer Renovation in Caledon

This trendy citrus colour is in-season. While home renovating during the summer time is all about warm tones such as terracotta, this fruity shade of orange has got everybody turning their heads for another look. Whether you simply add a few blankets and candles into the mix, or go for a bold move and paint your walls with it, it's guaranteed to catch the eye. Tangerine is perfect for outdoor decor, pairing it with pure white gives off a fresh feeling to this warm season.

Mixed Patterns & Textures

Mixed Patterns and Textures for Summer redecorating in King City

Mixing patterns and textures is quite trendy in 2017. This means that it's time to get venturous with your home renovation: let creativity be your guide. From brushed brass tables to light fixtures to fabric and curtains, we have seen an increase in the popularity of textures. As the idea of mixing fabrics and materials are on a rise, incorporating texture into your interior makes it more inviting. Boho prints and weaved baskets are in this season.


Go Green - Use Faux Materials Wheb Renovating in Richmond Hill

As home renovation costs can quickly add up, homeowners are turning to faux materials for a more budget-friendly alternative to authentic materials. From faux wood that won't bow or rot away to man-made quartz that can withstand heat better than it's counterpart marble. Instead of applying gray finishes to hardwood, go for manufactured gray floors. With more and more people becoming either vegetarian or vegan and going green, faux is not just a trend as it becomes part of many people's lifestyle.

Summer Blues

Use Blue for a- Calm Feeling in your Summer Reno

Blues are anchoring colours, giving us a sense of being grounded and calm. Navy blue perfectly pairs with almost any colour scheme, it invokes mystery and brings a strong energy that can enhance bright, open rooms and give it that summery feel. This works wonders for smaller spaces as it has the opposite effect that black can often emit.

Plants & Terrariums

Green Plants for a Summer Feeling

Bring the outdoors in! Terrariums have never been as popular as they are this 2017. From fig trees to succulents, they are all making their comeback in our homes this summer. Adding a plant, even as simple as a small cactus is a brilliant way to literally bring life into your home! If you don't have a green thumb that is required to maintain a plant, you can always add a flowery patterned wallpaper to an accent wall.


Terracotta and Cobalt Blue for a Spanish Flare

Reminiscent of a vacation to the south, terracotta gives off a rustic feel. Perfect for any summer trend list! Warm materials such as terracotta tiles and materials will replace current colours such as white. Feeling a bit daring? Try ceramic tiles or a brick wall-covering for your home renovation this summer. You could also include clay pots for plants and artifacts for your indoor decor. Try giving your home a dash of Spanish flavour by combining terracotta and cobalt blue, reminiscent of Mexixo or Spain.


Cork Walls and Floors for a Summery Warm Feeling

As you may of heard, cork is making its big comeback this 2017. Not only a highly stylish material that adds warmth and texture to your living space, it's also ideal as a noise canceling material. Great for that mancave or music room we talked in our previous post about basement renovation trends for this year. Designers predict that homeowners will go for stone topped tables and solid cork stools, or go bold and clad entire walls with it.

Whether you are looking for a warm and rustic feeling, or splash of vibrant and lively colours to renovate your home this summer, these are all splendid ideas to rejuvenate your home during you summer home renovations. Why go with only one when you could go with multiple choices and combine them all? Put a cork wall up in your home office, add a terrarium in your bathroom. Retire the old yard tiles for terracotta ones and add some patio furniture with cobalt blue shades and give your backyard that Spanish flare to it. You can't go wrong with these amazing trends that 2017 brings.