5 overlooked issues during bathroom renovations

5 overlooked issues during bathroom renovation - Home renovation in Vaughan

Often times, homeowners overlook the necessity of repairing or adding certain things during a renovation. Whether it may be because they might not see it as vital or just a means on saving a few bucks here and there, these are 5 issues that get overlooked during a bathroom renovation you should not skip or skimp your money on.


Waterproofing your bathroom when doing a home renovation in Vaughan

One of the most common mistakes homeowners make when renovating their bathrooms in Vaughan is overlooking the necessity of waterproofing them. Water leaks, dampness and condensation that go on in the bathroom are common causes of damage in bathroom and may end up in structural damage of the home itself. Since bathrooms are the wettest areas in a home, it's of utmost importance to waterproof them in the most effective way.

While waterproofing isn't exceedingly expensive, you may have to get your bathroom completely stripped out before you can have it waterproofed. Some reasons could include:

  • Older homes may require to have their bathroom stripped out to get their floor inspected for any damage such as rotting timber.
  • Newer homes may also need to do so if installing a frame-less shower is desired, the upgrade will require you to waterproof the floor.
  • Particleboard or plywood sub-flooring will need to have the entire floor waterproofed.


Install special lights and fixtures when remodeling your bathroom - Home renovation

Bathroom have special needs when it comes to electrical wiring and lighting as they are damp and can end up using a lot of power. Because bathrooms are one of the darkest rooms in a home, you need to install the right type of lights for each to provide plenty of illumination and enhance mirrors, storage cabinetry, showers and bathtub area. Bathrooms are also notorious for being moist, installing a vent is the most effective way at exhausting moist and odours without losing heat during the winter season.

Special lights and fixtures that are rated as damp and wet locations are needed for shower and bath areas. The bathing area, also known as the shower zone that includes the tub and shower area will need fixtures rated for damp locations. However, if fixtures are subject to spray from water, it must hold a rating for wet locations.

When talking about electricity and bathrooms, you should never forget that all outlets or receptacles in them must be GFCI-protected as this is critical to your safety. GFCI outlets help prevent hazards such as shock, a real concern in a bathroom. If you live in an older home you might consider getting it inspected for any faulty wiring that may need to get replaced.


Asbestos is a real threat to your health. Have it removed when redoing your bathroom in Vaughan

Talking about older homes, asbestos can become a very real threat to your health if not dealt with correctly and on time. If your home in Vaughan is 15-years-old or built before 1980 it may be at risk. Asbestos can hide in roof shingles, insulation around boilers and pipes, and most commonly under old floor tiles. While asbestos was phased out in 1984 and a total ban took place on 2003, it may still be present in newer homes.

If the contaminated areas is not disturbed, you can always work around it. However, asbestos is a highly toxic and dangerous substance that should never be taken lightly. Long periods of exposure to asbestos fibres can lead to different types of lung diseases and even developing into lung cancer if not dealt with. Your safety and health should always be a priority over the worry of spending too much money on your bathroom renovation.


When converting your bathroom into a wet room make sure the drainage is upgraded

In most cases, drainage in bathrooms isn't a problem. However, if converting your bathroom into a wet room is in your mind, drainage may become a bit of an issue. Bathrooms have a fall in the shower area that might not be enough to stop water from collecting on the floor in a wet room. Creating a linear floor spanning the full length of the shower area is one solution to the issue as it will collect water and you won't have to worry about any wet areas of your bathroom. Channel-style drains is a good example, this type of drain is also a good choice for stepless or level-based shower.


Make sure you get plenty of storage when renovating your home bathroom in Vaughan

Many homeowners find bathroom storage to be a major roadblock when renovating, but don't you give up! Even if you are working with limited space and might think there is no way to get more storage out of it, here are a few ideas on how to make the most of that small bathroom of yours.

  • Your contractor can create storage areas in the wall cavities. Recessed styled storage are perfect for small spaces.
  • Shaving cabinets are ideal for small bathrooms as this type of storage can hold a high amount of items, making your bathroom less clustered.
  • In-shower storage such as dedicated storage spaces for shampoo and body washes within your shower is essential if you have a wet room, but also perfect for small bathrooms with little storage space.

So remember to make sure this issues are looked after when renovating your bathroom in Vaughan. Sometimes saving a few dollars here and there will cost you more money at the end.