5 home maintenance tips for this fall season

5 home maintenance tips for this fall season - Home renovation 2017

Buying a newly built home come with the perk of feeling secure when it comes to things that are not likely to break down, and if they do, they will be covered by the home's warranty. This can lead new homeowners to become a little bit too laid back and forgetful when it comes to home maintenance. Huge mistake. Your home will only stay in good shape as long as you take the proper care of it and take the necessary steps in maintaining its pristine condition.
While you might not have to insulate your home or replace entire floors in your new home, you should still keep these in mind to maintain a beautiful house during the fall season.


Clean your gutters and avoid the build up that can cause blockages

Everybody loves how leaves change colours, orange is reminiscent to the fall season. But during the fall leaves don't just change in color, they fall. Everywhere. And for your gutters this means that the build-up can cause blockages to them. This means that if unattended, it can cause rainwater to pool and seep into your home's wood. During the winter however, ice dams will form and melting snow from the rood will not be able to properly drain.


Sweep your chimney - a dirty one can start a fire in your home

There's nothing like sitting by the fireplace all wrapped up in a warm blanket with some hot chocolate in hand on a cold winter's night. Ever heard that if you don't clean the lint out of your drying machine it could start a fire? Well, a dirty chimney can do the same. By recommendation of The Canada Safety Council, you should get your chimney cleaned at lease once a year. Whether you decide to DIY or get a professional to sweep them, make it part of your annual fall home maintenance plan.


It is always best to hire a professional to take care of pests in your home

As the weather cools down, small animals such as birds and rodents start looking for shelter to spend the winter time, and your home will be very appealing to them. Signs to look out for are; droppings, feathers and fur been left around in places like your attic or basement. Check your home for any possible entryways and block them when possible. Placing screens behind vents in your attic, for instance. Or cutting branches from trees that might be too close to your roof. We recommend that if you have persistent pest issues, it is always best to hire a professional to take care of it.


Keep your house warm by tuning up your heater

Tune-ups are always a smart move, and just like your chimney, you should give your furnace an annual tune up and filter change to ensure that its system is working properly. Getting your heater up to date with a professional will not cost you much, and you won't have the constant worry of it giving out in the middle of winter. If your home has a gas-powered fireplace or other types of heat traveling through your home, tune-ups are never a bad idea for your furnace.


Beware of air leaks this fall

areas around the windows and doors for any small breeze or coldness. If you prefer to do so, you can always find a professional to conduct an energy audit. Even if the home builders might of used weatherstripping techniques when building your home, overtime they can crack and suffer wear downs. If so, some of these parts might need to be replaced.

Your home's fall maintenance does not have to take up all of your time, but it is essential if you desire to keep it in top shape. If you need help with this tasks and live in Vaughan and surrounding areas, maybe we can help. Check our home maintenance and repairs page.