5 Home Improvements You Should Never DIY in Vaughan

5 Home Improvements You Should Never DIY in Vaughan - Home renovation

Typically, DIY projects in Vaughan are done in mind that most anyone can do the work at hand. However, homeowners usually fail at said DIY endeavours when they require knowledge of a specific process that a professional would usually hold and take utmost care in completing. Today's post is about 5 home improvements your should never try to do them by yourself to save money and instead get the professional help they require!


Installing Insulation - Home renovation in vaughan

Starting at $CAD1,900 the average cost of getting your home insulated when renovating your home can be costly. However, this is one of the renovations you should never take onto your own hands. Whether we are talking about insulating that old drafty attic of yours or the newly renovated garage, this job is better left to the professionals.

Installing fibreglass insulation is a dangerous job as the material releases tiny fibres that are highly harmful if breathed in and can cause severe irritation to the skin upon contact if not all proper safety precautions are taken and the needed protective gear is worn.


Professional Roof shingling in Vaughan - Home renovation

If you are planning to renovate your home, professional roof shingling can cost anywhere from $CAD2,000 to $CAD8,500 per 200 square feet. While doing it yourself might save you more than half the price if done professionally, re-shingling your roof isn't as easy as you might think of.

Before thinking of doing the repair, the problem has to be determined first. Even something as a small leak, you have to first identify the spot where trouble lays and carefully examine to prevent any further damage to the area if any has been done. If properly done, your newly repaired roof should last you anywhere from 18-30 years, while amateur workmanship will cause you more problems and money down the line.


Every homeowner's nightmare - Basement Flooding - Basement Remodeling Vaughan

Every homeowner's nightmare is waking up one Saturday morning only to discover that their basement has flooded overnight. Not everybody prepares themselves for such an incident, and chances are that your valuables aren't properly put away for this type of issue. Many don't think of waterproofing their home until it is too late. You take your weekend off thinking it might be cheaper to do it yourself. Besides, how hard could it be, right?

On average, in Vaughan, homeowners can spend $CAD3,800 to seal a basement or foundation, minor repairs costing $CAD750. Arising issues that might include fixing cracks in the foundation or even adding drains and gutter can cost over $CAD9,000. Unfortunately, many homeowners that take on the job dig, apply the waterproofing material and then the back filling takes more time or effort than they thought it would and don't finish the process. The hole is left open and it takes in more moisture and can end up caving in. Safety comes first, that's why it's not recommended to DIY waterproofing as each year there is at least of fatality cause by trenches caving in. Always use a profecional company when renovating your basement in Vaughan.


Repainting kitchen cabinets in Vaughan - Home reno in Vaughan

Tired of seen the same old colour on your cabinetry every time you step into your kitchen? We have all been there before, and we all need to spicy things up in the kitchen once in a while to keep it looking and feeling fresh! But what colour to pick is the least of your concerns when this renovation is done. What many people don't know when they take the DIY path when repainting their kitchen cabinets is that it's not as simple as it may seem.

Kitchen cabinetry usually has a built up of cooking grease and body oils on their surface. Prep work on repainting kitchen cabinetry means extensive cleansing with de-greaser agent such as TSP and using oil-based paints through a sprayer. If you let a skilled painter take control, at the end of the day you are going to end up with beautifully painted cabinets.


Only an expert should remove a wall in Vaughan

While legally speaking you have all the right to remove a wall in your home if you so desire to do during a home renovation in Vaughan, there are things you might want to consider before you swing a sledgehammer to your wall and extend that dream master bedroom you want to create!

Removing walls is often a way on creating a larger space or open concept floor plans, but you should always get a contractor to make sure that the wall isn't load bearing or if removing the wall won't compromise the structural integrity of your home. Serious consequences could be such as a ceiling caving in and resulting in serious injury to the homeowner. Some other factors to consider is the disposal of the debris and fixing your ceiling and floor afterwards.

To conclude, whether your kitchen needs a bit of a makeover or your attic needs to be insulated; between doing it yourself and hiring a professional home renovation company in Vaughan, the later is the wiser in this case. Being a penny pincher when it comes to any of these home renovations will cause more harm than not to both you wallet and home. You should always be able to admit that some jobs are just out of your league and choose to contract a professional. Hopefully the information in our articles will help you choose wisely if you are considering to get any of these done when renovating your home is in your mind.