Kitchen Renovation Trends for 2017

Bathroom Trends for 2017

The kitchen, the heart of the home, is where we gather as a family every night for supper. Where the little ones finish their homework and meet as a whole. Even the most subtle of touches can give our kitchens a totally different feel. So, no wonder we exert ourselves to transform them into the perfect living spaces. Here are the top 8 trends and concept ideas to consider if renovating your kitchen is in your mind this year:


Open concept kitchen

Who'd want to be cooped up like a chicken in their own kitchen when all the fun is out there? Open floor plans or open layouts lets you make the most out of everything. Where informal dining and comfortable cooking meet, bringing in warm tones from the living areas gives a less utilitarian approach and converts your kitchen area into an extension of the living room.


Personalize your white kitchen

Designers and research both agree, white is here to stay. White never goes out of style. Whether fully dressed in white, or accentuated by vibrant colours; white's popularity just keeps on soaring. Everything from wooden cabinetry, granite countertops to backsplashes, white is the top choice when renovating.

Don't shy away from incorporating colours, patterns, and decor you love into the new design of your kitchen. While white is the most popular colour for kitchen renovations, it's not personalized, it doesn't speak as who you are as an individual. So whether you're thinking of setting a country style backsplash, or you want to paint the walls green, let your individualism shine through your kitchen.


Quartz countertops

More than ever before, quartz countertops are more popular than granite countertops. Classic and elegant, and it even adds a handsome resale value to your home. No wonder quartz reign supreme at the top of home design lists. Opposed to granite, quartz is man-made, tough and resistant to stains and scratches. In terms of maintenance, it requires none. They even come in marbel texutes or fantastic colours to choose from. A dream come true for any home owner!


Single level island

Many homeowners are ditching their dinner tables for a kitchen island. When keeping an open concept, single-level islands allow for a more spacious feel and increases the intimacy in your kitchen. While stylish, it's also immensely convenient as extra prepping space while cooking. If you're thinking about putting your home for sale and your kitchen has an island, you will get more people interested on it.


LED Lighting.

The future has never been brighter than right now, and it's thanks to the ever-changing technology of LED lighting. Don't just settle for ceiling or a table lamps to illuminate your kitchen. No longer chilly and unwelcoming, LED is green and an energy efficient way into perking up your island.


French door ovens

They are not only highly stylish but they're also an amazing choice for kitchens with limited space that won't allow for conventional doors to fold down in front. Some brands come equipped with Bluetooth to control oven functions remotely with your smartphone. You could even preheat it while on your way home from picking up the kids from hockey practice!


Cooktops with touch and swipe controls

They heat up via electromagnetic fields instead of radiant heat, and they are all the rage for the ones who opt for a more modern looking kitchen. This smartphone-inspired cooktops' controls work with a touch-and-swipe of your fingers, giving them an element of intuition. Just drag your finger across the panel to adjust the heat of each burner as you cook.

Finally, open concept kitchens painted white with complementary accents of strong colours and textures are the choice of designers for kitchen renos. Replacing the old appliances with modern French door ovens and cooktops with touch and swipe controls will bring new life to your kitchen.

In 2017, modern appliances and clean open concept kitchens are setting a new trend with designers and home owners.