What's hot and what's not in home renovation – Fall 2017

What's hot and what's not in home renovation – Fall 2017

Fall is just around the corner in Vaughan, and just like the seasons change so do trends. After going through stores and sites such as Pinterest, we introduce you to 5 trends that are predicted to move in and 3 that will move out of your home during this fall in 2017.



Brass fixtures are in this fall in Woodbridge - home renovation

Move out of the way copper, because here comes brass. Lets not make the same mistake with brass as we did with copper and over incorporate it into every bit of our homes. Instead, try mixing brass and other metals together or using small brass accents.


Greens become trendy during fall renovations in Vaughan

As the seasons change and the leaves turn from green to yellow, inside homes things are also changing colour, too. Fall is fast approaching, and during this season's renovations greens are becoming a popular tone – specially as accents. This kind of tone perfectly matches up with natural wood and leather, ideal for fall and winter.


A popular trend this year among homeowners during renovation is turning their bathrooms or even basements into their own in-home spa

Sometimes technology can feel overwhelming and all you want to do is have a break from it and take a nice relaxing vacation away from the stress of work. While not everybody has the luxury to leave their jobs and priorities behind and head to a secluded island, you can always create your own retreat right at home. A popular trend this year among homeowners during renovation is turning their bathrooms or even basements into their own in-home spa.

4 - FAUX

Faux materials will help save the environment

Everyday more and more people are going green and becoming vegan or vegetarian, and they can rest knowing that they don't have to leave their personal moral compass behind when thinking of renovating their homes. As being green becomes increasingly popular, faux materials do as well.


A brick wall covering will bring warmth to your home whan renovating in Thornhill

Warm coloured terracotta tiles are not just a summer trend as they also match for the fall season. Don't limit terracotta to your floor tiles, installing a brick wall-covering always adds an interesting touch to your home. You can always match your terracotta tiles by getting clay pots for indoor plants in Vaughan.



White is out during the fall 2017 - Concord home remodel

Seasons change and trends move on, and so does this one. As the chilly winds of fall creeps in and the summer heat fades away, homeowners crave warmer and richer tones of green, brown, black and even blush to add a welcoming and warm sense into their homes when planning home renovations during the fall season.


Everything marble is out in home remodeling in Kleinburg, Vaughan

While marble as a trend might of ran its course, we are not saying you should rip our every single bit of marble out of your home. Marble countertops are timeless, and fixtures with small touches of marble can still be quite lovely. However, the trend of everything being marble has become tired and a bit boring, too. Earthier materials such as wood, clay, or even metal with worn-out finishes are becoming popular this upcoming fall.


Copper fixtures are out when renovating your home in maple

Just like the trend of everything being marble or all-white, making sure everything in your home is copper has become outdated. But don't panic, your authentic copper fixtures are always in! In recent years it seems as fake copper accents have taken over the market and homeowners have become tired of it. As this trend moves out, aged brass moves in.

There you have it! 3 trends that will fall (Pun intended) with the season's leaves and 5 that will warm up your home from the upcoming chilly weather. Home renovation can be fun, installing new tiles, getting cabinetry and spicing things up. However, remember to always go with what you love, whether it's hot or not.