6 Things To Do: Home Renovation

6 Things To Do: Home Renovation

Your home should reflect and accommodate to your lifestyle. Provide the space for your specific needs and offer plenty of space for it as well. Many factors play into design when you are renovating your home. But before you start buying all those state-of-the-art appliances and take a sledgehammer to your walls, read up on our guide of “6 Things To Do: Home Renovation”!


Get a friend's advise - Vaughan - Kitchen Renovation

Getting a second opinion never hurt anybody, right? After finding and talking to the perfect contractor and team, and drawing all your plans up, have a last chat with a friend or family member that has gone through a home renovation. Home renovation can be quite the adventure so, having a long conversation with somebody that has gone through one can be incredibly helpful. While not all renovations are the same for everyone, this step can give you insight in terms of what to expect during one. Be thorough. Remember, there are no dumb questions when it comes to home renovation.

This step can also be a great point to start off if you have not yet decided to go through with your plans of renovating.


Managing Your Budget - King home renovations

We've all seen gorgeous showrooms and amazingly decorated homes in magazines. But we can't stress enough how important it's to set a realistic budget when considering a home renovation. Setting a budget takes more than crunching numbers on a calculator. Make sure to do your research before making any big decisions, that way it is less likely you will change your mind or decide on a last-minute change midway your renovation. Set limits and be honest with your contractor and team on how much you're willing or are able to spend.

A smart idea would be to set aside an extra budget for unforeseen structural, plumbing or electrical problems that might arise.


Realistic Goals

Realistic goals are key for anyone looking to achieve a smooth and pleasant experience during their home renovation. Maybe you want to convert the master bathroom into your personal spa, or your husband has decided to challenge his culinary skills after seen Master Chef and wants his own gourmet kitchen. Many live beyond their needs just to have them, too. If you are committed to the idea of having that in-home spa or a kitchen that looks right out of a TV show but can't seem to afford to renovate all at once, consider renovating in stages. That way you can accommodate to your budget without exceeding it all at once.


Think of The Future when remodeling your home

You should think on why you're renovating. Whether you're trying to raise the value of your property to sell or you're getting ready to accommodate to a different lifestyle, whatever the circumstances you're under will affect how you approach the renovation of your home. Trends are something you should look out for when considering the future of your home. Trends are great when the time to accessorize your home comes, but not so great when you're renovating it. Rule of thumb in renovating any space is that a classic style will always trump over a trend as the classics never fade away, while trends come and go with the seasons.


Make Daily Check Ins When Remodeling Your Home

Many contractors will give you the advice of visiting the site once a week. But don't trust them! Your satisfaction is of the utmost importance to us, so we recommend that you make a daily check in to the site of renovation to make sure you're content with the progress of your project. As mishaps can arise at any time, we need to make sure you're able to react to them so we can work towards a speedy and satisfactory solution.


Have No Regrets & Have Fun!

If you have followed our guide's steps 1 through 5, you're already on the right path onto an amazing renovation experience. You're doing great! Renovating any space in your home can be a bold move, so don't second guess the choices you've made once everything is said and done. Be confident, but most importantly, have fun! There is nothing more satisfying at the end of the day than finally seen that kitchen you have been dreaming of having for years, converting the unfinished basement into the perfect man cave your husband has always wanted for hockey nights with his friends, or simply giving your daughters that bedroom you secretly wanted since you were a little girl!