5 Home Improvement Ideas You Can DIY In Vaughan

5 home improvement ideas you can DIY in Vaughan - Home renovation

If you're looking to improve and revitalize your home in Vaughan but don't want to give an eye and a leg to pay for the costs, you might consider doing it yourself. Not all DIY projects are equal, and some might require the help of a professional. But these 5 home renovation ideas are some of the ones you can get your hands dirty with!


Home office - Home renovation in vaughan

Don't know what to do with that empty room you never use but have a hundred and one ideas on what to do with it? Nowadays, many people consider working from home, busy parents of young children who wish to spend more time with them, or individuals who wish to be their own boss. Whatever your reasons might be in choosing to work from home, like any other business you need an office. All you need to do is to buy yourself a desk and some shelfs and splurge a bit on personalizing your space.

If a home office isn't your thing, converting that spare room into a study area for your children can also be a great idea. A quiet space for them to finish off school work or to review their books the night before a big test.


DIY landscape projects in Vaughan - Home renovation

Critical in keeping your plants healthy and looking radiant is pruning your trees and shrubs. On average, the reported cost for tree pruning through a landscaper in Vaughan and surrounding area is $CAD500. When taking care of your own landscaping you're lowering your home's annual bills significantly. Adding trees are also a great way to escape the summer heat as they lower the temperature of your home if strategically placed by 20 to 50 percent.

Taking the DIY path you're not only saving money, but also making your yard look more enticing.


Paint your walls - DIY project to renovate your house

Whether it's the interior or exterior, painting your walls is one of the easiest ways to give your home a dramatic makeover. Not to mention that your wallet won't suffer if you take the DIY route on this home improvement. According to Home Advisor, the average cost of having your home's interior professionally painted is well over $CAD2,000. The price dramatically drops if you do it yourself.

Once you have decided on the colour scheme, you will have to buy all the necessary supplies such as: rollers and brushes, plastic sheets, paint tape, paint and primer. Remove any furniture out of the way and cover them with the plastic sheets for good measure. Make sure your walls are all clean. Remove all switch plates and outlet covers from the walls. Cover any baseboards with paint tape. Lastly, apply two coats of paint.


Diy ways to spruce up your kitchen cabinets in Vaughan

This is one of the easiest house renovation projects in Vaughan:

  • INSTALL UNDERCABINET LIGHTING - The hidden light fixtures of undercabinet lighting are fairly easy to rinstall and they will bathe your countertops in bright ight—a great help when dicing veggies or reading recipes. Make sure to turn off the breaker first.
  • INSTALL PULL-OUT SHELVING - Expensive custom kitchens have many built-in features that add functionality. Why not install some inexpensive pull-out shelves for bottom cabinets yourself? There are plenty of choices that are easy to install with just a screwdriver or drill in any hardware store.
  • ADD LID STORAGE - Do you have trouble storing your pots' lids? You can solve this problem by easily installing a lid rack that you can buy at your nearest Ikea.
  • INSTALL NEW HARDWARE - You can find affordable pulls and knobs in any hardware store. Changing them is easy and they will give a whole new look at your kitchen cabinets.

To conclude today's article: whether it's replacing your outdated light fixtures for something bold, painting your wall with exciting new colours or finally sprucing that kitchen of yours; Lucas Richard Design wishes you good luck in all and any future DIY endeavours for your home renovation in Vaughan!